Welcome to the Wiki Wiki Enthusiast. Please also read the general welcome.

  1. We have a different set of goals and social norms than wikipedia. Entries tend to be written in a more familiar style, and we generally encourage creative editing when it helps explain the content of a page. You'll note that opinions pervade the wiki: ultimately, we aim to integrate comments into the content of the article, but we also respect the power of comments in conveying how many people support one side of an issue.

  2. Our markup is also a little bit different, see Help with Editing.

  3. We are not a neutral point of view (NPOV) wiki. We think it's good to establish and develop multiple points of view within the text of a page, rather than get lost in trying to enforce some arbitrary sense of neutrality.

  4. Talk pages are available, but tend not to be used very much. Unless a big dispute is going on, it's probably better to just ask a question on an article, or just edit the page and see what happens.

  5. As this is a locally-oriented website, we encourage original research from those who know best — firsthand observers. We also try to keep the site Boise-related, though some pages of interest outside the city are kept around.

  6. See the importance of using your RealName.

  7. You have to register an account to edit this wiki, because it allows us to build a stronger community than anonymous edits would bring.