Front entrance at Zoo Boise (*) Zoo Boise is located in Julia Davis Park.


In 1916 a circus traveled through Mountain Home. During the stop, a monkey escaped from captivity and was finally found in the Mountain Home Desert, long past the circus’s departure. Boise being the home for the newfound monkey, a Boise Zoo was then founded.


Boise’s Zoo, located along Julia Davis Park, is a prime example of Boise’s family-fit environment. A trip to a zoo, a lunch in a park, and even a museum voyage enables Julia Davis Park and the surrounding area to be magnificent as it is. Educating children and exposing children to nature, the Boise Zoo contributes many visitors to Julia Davis Park. Currently Zoo Boise is working on a much-anticipated "African" exhibit. This $2.8 Million exhibit will include a new African Village, three small exhibit areas (housing rock hyrax, weaver birds, and lemurs), and two large exhibit areas (housing lions, giraffes, and zebras). This will provide Boise the opportunity to explore ALL cultures and entertain the zoo's master plan of exposing Boise to all Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

(*) Photos by Philip Browning.   Permission to copy for educational purposes granted.