New to Boise or just looking for an experience unlike any other, take a quick drive over to Bown Crossing. Located between Boise and Park Center Avenues, Bown Crossing has many things to offer, whether just simply on a stroll during the day to excellent night life. Developed in 2006 by Bown Crossing LLC, Bown Crossing has become a place that makes one feel like your "getting out of town" without going anywhere at all. Bown Crossing delivers a feel of living similar to a Lake Tahoe, or Aspen simply due to the style of architecture and the amenities such as the boutiques and restaurants. A particular hot spot to dine at is the Tavern, speaking from personal experience I can honestly say from a juicy burger to the freshest sushi the Tavern at Bown Crossing simply delivers it all. The location of Bown Crossing within the city makes it a perfect spot to grab your cup of Joe before taking on the many trails of Warms Springs Mesa or a place to grab a quick bite before you head to the lake for a fun filled day of wake boarding at lucky peak. But eateries are not the only thing Bown Crossing has to offer, if you think your glory days have long since passed stop in at Montage Studio Salon & Spa. Whether you’re looking to change your hair-style, get a manicure/pedicure or just to simply feel pampered miracles are a daily occurrence at Montage Studio Salon & Spa. So if you're new to Boise or just simply haven’t been, I highly recommend making your way to Bown Crossing and finding out for yourself what the fuss is all about.

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