The "hospitality of nez perce" bronze statue was veiled in 2006. This statue is modeled after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Lewis and Clark are seen standing with a Native American as an attempt to display their journies and discoveries. The Native American in the sculpture appears to be directing Lewis and Clark toward the direction of their destination, while at their feet the son of the twisted hair Native American is fascinated and observing a fish and other items belonging to the two explorers. The statue is meant to represent one of the many ways these two famous explorers came to discover the Pacific Ocean. This is one of the many statues in Idaho that were constructed to portray a time in history that relates to Idaho's culture and past. Many people are drawn to this particular monument due to the fact that it is a still portrait of actions and events that actually took place. The statue was constructed by Douglas Hyde, a resident of Santa Fe New Mexico. Historian Carol Macgregor donated this sculpture in celebration of the high school in Lewiston Idaho. This sculpture can be seen on 8th street in Boise Idaho in the capitol mall center.