Who doesn't love a good swingset? This page includes every public park that has swings, as well as a map of the park's general area. Enjoy!


Ann Morrison. 1000 N Americana Blvd. 

Baggley. 1411 E Parkcenter Blvd. 

Borah. 801 S Aurora Dr. 

Camel’s Back. 1200 Heron St.

Castle Hills. 5350 S Eugene St.

Catalpa. 4516 W Catalpa Dr.

Cypress. 4382 S Tableridge Way.

DeMeyer. 5100 N Tumbleweed Pl.

Elm Grove. 2200 W Irene St.

Ivywild. 416 W Ivywild St.

Julia Davis. 700 S Capitol Blvd.

Jullion. 3901 N Jullion Way.

Manitou. 2001 S Manitou Ave.

Memorial. 900 N 6th St.

Morris Hill. 10 N Roosevelt St.

Municipal. 500 S Walnut St.

Nottingham. 5243 N Decatur Dr.

Owyhee. 3400 W Elder St.

Phillippi. 2299 S Phillippi St.

Quarry View. 2150 E Old Penitentiary Rd.

Shoshone. 2800 W Canal St.

Skyline. 9936 W Skycliffe Ave.

Sunset. 2625 N 32nd St.

Sycamore. 12275 W Braddock Dr.

Willow Lane. 4623 W Willow Ln.

Winstead. 6150 W Northview St.