Carnival, or 'Karneval' is also called the fifth season or 5 crazy days with reason.  Everyone really does go crazy.  You will see people walking around dressed up in costumes (often obviously under the influence) and just generally acting a little crazy.  Make sure to hit at least one parade, and if you want to walk away with full bags, go in costume!

The festivities officially start on 11.11 (November 11), so if you happen to be downtown Bonn at 11 in the morning on this day, go to Markt Platz for some singing and people watching.

The five crazy days start on the Thursday before Rosenmontag.  This day is called Weiberfastnacht and is tied to celebrations in Beuel to commemorate the washerwomen basically going on strike and taking over.  Expect shops to be closed in the afternoon, and men watch out for ladies trying to cut off sections of your tie.

Throughout the weekend there are private parties and parades, and the celebration ends on Rosenmontag when everything is closed and the town goes absolutely crazy.

Local Parades to Try

  • Bonn 

    • biggest in the area.  crowds may be too much for kids and may make it more difficult for them to get candy but it will be exciting for the older ones.  On Rosen Montag
  • Mehlem

  • Bad Godesburg

    • Nice decent sized parade.  It is usually the Sunday before Rosen Montag and gives lots of candy and has lots of floats.
  • Lannesdorf

    • For something different, try this parade to get enough vegetables to make a soup with!

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