Most expats love the ease of online shopping and the ability to search for what they need from the comfort of home. In addition, some of your favorite home shops may be available. UK sites may ship and there will be no import tax, but not all UK sites will. Here are some popular ones:

You can buy just about everything here. They also have something called 'spar-abo' which allows you to set up regular deliveries of items like toilet paper and toothpast at a discounted price. It is also often the easiest way to find products you miss from home.


High quality kids clothes, toys and furniture. Gear for children up to 10.


Fashionable and well priced kids and maternity clothing. They also have children's room decorative items. All their billing is sent on an invoice with the order - they do not accept credit or bank cards.


The number one German online shop. The theme is a whole new world every week. So every week you will find a new theme of low-priced but decent quality items. In addition to the online portal, they also have kiosks in many grocery store chains and stand-alone shops in Bonn and Bad Godesburg.


Eddie Bauer


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