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The tribal grounds of Buckhead, NC serves as a place for the members of the Waccamaw Siouan tribe to hold their annual powwows. The tribal grounds also serves as a place of government for members of the tribe. The first known record of a Waccamaw council was documented in 1910. There is also a tribal daycare located on the tribal grounds named Waccamaw Siouan Daycare.


Events and Workshops:

Powwows are held annually as well workshops that include things like:

  • Basket weaving

  • Drum circles

  • Doll making


Annual Powwow:

The tribal grounds is home of the annual powwow of the Waccamaw Siouan tribe. They have currently had 47 consecutive powwows. Where members of the tribe as well as other tribes can compete in dance competitions. Tribes from all over come to celebrate their culture, spend time with friends and family, eat, and to celebrate being Native American. The powwow last for a duration of two days- Friday and Saturday. Saturday morning there is a parade that goes through Buckhead and ends at the tribal grounds


After School Program:

The tribal grounds is also home to a community after school program where children can be dropped off after school. At the after school program kids receive help with homework and is also a chance for them to socialize with other kids in the community.



The tribal grounds also offers softball and t-ball for children in the community. The kids compete in games and have practices on the tribal grounds. This is in efforts to bring the community back together through recreational activities.


These activities are open to the general public. They are not closed to people outside of the community, though some of them are in place specifically to bring the community closer together as a whole. Anybody can join in and have fun!


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