A Hotel Nourishing is a Buffalo Alternative, Indie, Experimental two-man band that refer to themselves on their mySpace page through reviewers:

"Comprised of just two members, the tellingly named Sonny Baker (guitar & vocals) and Cam Rogers (drums), A Hotel Nourishing specializes in its own unique blend of basics. Deus Ex Machina, the pair's first studio effort, has the feel of a Neu! jam session being crashed by members of King Crimson and My Morning Jacket. AHN does so much with so little, while managing to avoid any pretentiousness with such a heady mix of styles. Rogers and Baker squeeze every last drop out of their instruments, and the result is beyond sweet." -Alison Zero (WBFO) to Buffalo Rising

"Just when you think you’ve seen everything that guitar and drums can do, you see Sonny Baker and Cameron Rogers and you change your mind. A Hotel Nourishing manages to smoothly blend an incongruent mixture of post-punk, math rock, jazz, prog rock, and beyond to maximum effect. Think Fugazi meets Frank Zappa. Joy Divison meets John Coltrane." - donny kutzbach, Artvoice