Creating Homemade Ice-Cream and Candy since 1915, Known for their hot fudge sundaes and sponge candy.

Photo taken by Casey Harrington

Photo taken by Casey Harrington


5981 Transit Road Depew, NY 14043
Mon-Wed: 11am-9pm, Sun-12pm-5pm


Antoinette Sweets is a family owned business that is now into its fourth generation of ownership. The first store was at Sycamore and Fillmore in 1915 but was moved to its current location in 1958. In 1975, Peter went to work in the business alongside his parents and eventually run the candy store for 46 years with his wife. For more information about Peter's family and the history follow the link https://www.buffalospree.comThe store is now run by Peter and Alexandra Morphis son John Morphis.






   Photo taken by Casey Harrington    Photo taken by Casey Harrington


Ice cream Prices:

  • A large sundae is $8.50, where you get 2 scoops of ice cream with 3 topping of your choice added or you can get one of the Frappes listed. 
  • Old Fashion(medium) sundaes are $5.25 with 1 scoop of ice cream and 1 topping.
  • Small sundaes are $4.75 with 1 scoop of ice cream and 1 topping.
  • There are also sodas, floats, milkshakes and combo sundaes.
Caramel Sundae



Ice Cream Parlor




Photo taken by Casey Harrington

Candy Prices: (for popular items)

  • Sponge Candy is $23.95 a pound ($12 for 1/2lb)
  • Miniatures are $20.95 a pound ($10.50 for 1/2lb)
  • Candy with nuts are $25.95 a pound ($13 for 1/2lb)

                   *There are more options to choose from*

Sponge Candy


Candy Side


Photos taken by Casey Harrington

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