Beef on Weck is the other Buffalo specialty - besides Wings.

"To just call it a roast beef sandwich would not do it justice. First, take a Kaiser roll, brush the top with water and add caraway seeds and pretzel salt and bake for a few minutes to make it crusty. You are now holding kummelweck (or kimmelweck), usually shortened to weck. Add a few pieces of rare roast beef and a substantial quantity of horseradish. Dip the top half of the weck in the roast beef juices. Enjoy. Begin fighting over where you can get the best one.

You can get weck at some Wegmans, and some restaurants in Rochester do serve a passable Beef on Weck. Don't ever say that to a Buffalonian ... . For their money, you can only get a Beef on Weck at Schwabl's or Charlie the Butcher's. "1

Beef on Weck dates back to 1901 when Joe Gohn introduced it at the Delaware House, his saloon (and hotel-style rooms for Exposition visitors).

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