255 Great Arrow Avenue, 1C, Buffalo, NY 14207
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Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Phone: (716) 856-4364 

Fax:       (716) 856-1990

Founded in 1957
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Entrance to Bickford Paper Company

This wiki page is made for Professor Pabico's COM336 class at Buffalo State College. The Bickford Paper Company, Inc. is a Buffalo based, locally owned, independent, wholesale distributor of office and printing paper.  Bickford Paper Company was founded in 1957 by Harold Bickford. The paper company has been in business for over 55 years. The company has remained in the Bickford family since its inception and is currently owned by Harold’s son, Edward Bickford. Edward’s son, Nicolas, is the current Office Manager. This family owned business has made a commitment to remain in  Buffalo. The Bickford Paper Company offers their clients great personal service. 

An interview with Edward Bickford the owner of this company provided information about all aspects of The Bickford Paper Company. Edward said that their customer base relies on the great customer service provided by his staff. The customer service representatives try to determine the needs of the customer and what specific paper products will produce the best results for the customer. 

People generally think that the various papers products offered by Bickford paper are all interchangeable. The staff at Bickford Paper knows that certain paper will produce better results based upon what the customer wants to do with the paper. The staff goes to great lengths to match the end use of the paper to the various papers offered, to ensure that the right paper is purchased, to match the customers needs.

Bickford Paper Company is a wholesale distributor of office and printing papers. In addition to paper, the company also carries a line of envelopes of various sizes so you can get the right size product. Bickford Paper Company can sell you envelopes that coordinate with your paper. This is generally used by a customer that wants to send out a mailing that will coordinate the paper with the mailing envelope and a response envelope. Bickford Paper can assist you in determining the proper paper and color to match any occasion or event that you would like to have. 

Their customer base includes local print shops, offices, schools and churches as well as individuals that use copier and printer paper.  The company can also provide their clients with custom cutting and and punching services. The company also provides custom cut-size, digital and folio so that you can customize your paper. You can get the paper you want in any specialized size that you need. They also offer paper punching services, if you want your paper prepunch with holes to match your specific needs.

The company is unique because it can deliver orders to its customers quickly.  They can fill orders in a wide range of sizes, no job is to big or to small to handle. With a local warehouse and their own delivery truck and van, Bickford Paper can offer next day or same day delivery of their products. Larger orders are shipped in the company’s delivery truck and smaller orders are delivered in the company’s van. Bickford Paper Company also uses a local courier service to deliver orders when required.  Bickford  provides a convenient will call service at the warehouse, located at 255 Great Arrow, for those customers that want to pick up their own paper. Customers can call ahead and pickup their orders. This makes it possible to get your paper quickly.

The company has relationships with various paper companies to be able to offer a wide variety of paper and envelopes to it’s customers. Some of the products sold are X-9 copy paper and Polaris Paper by Boise. The company also offers paper by Domtar. Some of the types of Domtar paper they offer are Whitehall Offset, Starbrite Opaque and Cougar Opaque. They also provide products from Enterprise Group. Some of the Enterprise products are Willcopy Ultra Copy Paper, High Speed Copy Paper, Copier Tabs, Willcopy Perfed Copy Paper, and Computer Paper. Bickford also offers products from Neenah Paper such as Astrobrights,  Color Copy, Exact Index, Exact Vellum Bristol and Royal Cotton. They also provide Norcopy Copy Paper, Padding Compound and Chipboard. 

Pricing is variable based upon quantities purchased. Larger orders receive a larger discount. Bickford Paper Company Customer Service Representatives will quote you their best price based upon the size of your order.


Bickford Paper Company is located at 255 Great Arrow Avenue, Unit 1C Buffalo, NY 14207. Regular business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The company can be reached by phone at (716)856-4364. Orders can be Faxed to (716) 856-1990.

More information about this business can be found at www.bickfordpaperinc.net the company’s website. You can also fill out an order form on the company’s website. Bickford Paper Company can be reached at [email protected] the company’s email address. Information about Domtar Paper products that Bickford Paper Company sells can be found at www.domtar.com the Domtar company web site. Information about Neenah Paper products that Bickford Paper Company sells can be found at www.neenahpaper.com the Neenah Paper company web site.


Fireworx Paper one of the many colorful papers we carryThe Office - stop in to place or pickup your orderX-9 Paper some basic copier paper we sellBickford's van-getting deliveries to clients is a priority