Books about the Buffalo area

  • BuffaloResearchDotCom has great lists at:
  • The 101 Greatest Moments in Buffalo History by Dan Murphy, 2007 - is a great way to learn a broad range of information on Buffalo.
  • Buffalo Treasures: A Downtown Walking Guide by Jan and Kenneth Sheridan, 1995 - You can use this book to walk the Buffalo area while enjoying its architecture and history.
  • City on the Edge by Mark Goldman, 2007 - is an expansive book that covers Buffalo city planning from the 1901 Pan-American Exposition to the present, and beyond.
  • City of Light by Lauren Belfer, 1999 - Review "Power Plays"
  • History of Buffalo and Erie County by H. Perry Smith, 1884 in 2 volumes - Online Text
  • The Last Fine Time by Verlyn Klinkenborg - "the history of a bar that flourished on the East Side of Buffalo from the 1920s to 1970. He also portrays two generations of the Wenzek family, the Polish Americans who ran and lived above "George and Eddie's" until the bar closed down"1, see Summary at Google Books

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