Coffeehouses 1 are the latest in drinking establishments that have become the third place in American culture. Cafes just sell coffee, coffeehouses are a places to build community and/or hold events. They are a place to chill, to write, to draw, to think, or to express yourself. They are furnished with unmatched furniture, exposed brick walls, and local artwork. Many have wireless Internet access. The sounds of soft conversation, espresso machines, and music provide atmosphere. And, oh yes, they have good coffee too.


While coffeehouses have many different feels and styles worldwide, American coffeehouses of the 21st century descend from the espresso and pastry-centered Italian-American coffeehouses by way of the 'beatnik' coffeehouses of the 1960's. Liquor laws, and the feeling many bars 'push' drinks on people, have helped make coffeehouses a part of communities across the United States.

In Buffalo, coffeehouses usually have espresso, cappuccino, latte, iced coffee, teas, flavored chais, fruit smoothies, Italian sodas, and many other concoctions in addition to coffee. Almost all coffee houses have pastries such as muffins, scones, biscotti, and many have full menus. A few coffeehouses in Buffalo serve beer and wine.

Some of the coffeehouses around Buffalo have at least one open mike night where musicians can play, poets can emote, or comedians can try to make you laugh.

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