Buffalo Movie Theaters 

Buffalo is a up and coming environment for movie production so it would only be right for there to be multiple theaters around and placed in very convenient places.

Buffalo Theatre

This small city is no stranger to the stage, if you'd rather watch plays there are multiple locations for your entertainment.


  • Five Dollar Tuesdays
  • Special Movie viewing
  • Regal Crown Club

Movie Theaters have now been updated so that the screen is bigger and chairs are able to recline for better comfort of the viewers.

Make sure you grab snacks and refreshments in-between intermissions, play can range from one to three hours.




Regal has numerous specials and promotions and deals when it come to any and all regarding snacks, food like pizza and hotdogs. A variety of different specials like 25% off on candy every Monday, prizes and sweepstakes, free refills and many more.