Everything Elmwood [A family owned business] has gifts for everyone on your list, for every occasion, and every taste.In the heart of the Elmwood district. From stylish sweaters to a large collection of graphic socks visit Everything Elmwood for your newest piece of wardrobe or accessory.Think of this boutique as one that has it all, and you'll leave finding the perfect gift or an additional touch to your home. Start your day with a little shopping and end it at Everything Elmwood.

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Location:                                                             Contact:                                             Hours of Operation:

"The heart of Elmwood"                    Phone: (716) 883-0607                    Monday-Friday: 11am to 7pm

740 Elmwood Avenue                                                                                        Saturday: 10am to 6pm

Buffalo, NY 14222                                                                                                 Sunday: 12pm to 5pm


jewelry / pottery / handbags / home decor / greeting cards / gifts / gift wrapping /

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