EMDR is a treatment method that was developed in 1987, by Dr. Francine Shapiro, for the treatment of psychological trauma. While it has strong research support for the treatment of (PTSD), it also is being applied to a wide range of other psychological and social problems on the assumption that these problems have their roots in difficult emotional experiences.

Choosing an EMDR Therapist

EMDR is a treatment that requires specialized training. It's recommended that you seek out a therapist who has received adequate training and consultation in the use of EMDR. The EMDR International Association-EMDRIA sets standards for EMDR training and certifies EMDR therapists, consultants, and trainers. EMDRIA maintain list of approved trainers and an online search engine to identify therapists and consultants

Non-Profit Agencies Employing EMDR-Trained Therapists

EMDR Therapists in Private Practice

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