Firefly Cupcakes



700 Main Street East Aurora, NY


Open 7 days a week Monday: 10am-9pm Tuesday: 10am-9pm Wednesday: 10am-9pm Thursday: 10am-11pm Friday: 10am-11pm Saturday: 11am-7pm


 East Aurora: 716-655-4949


Price range


Payment Methods

Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover

Type of restaurant

Cupcake Bakeshop

This page is for a project for Professor Pabico's COM336 at Buffalo State College

Cupcake - small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup. Standard cupcake uses the same basic ingredients as a standard size cake. Butter, eggs, and flour.

Important People

Wendy Egloff - Owner 

Cupcake History:

Cupcakes or what used to be called “small cakes” originated from a bakery who started cooking regular standardized cakes in smaller baking pans. In the early 21st century specialized bakeries for cupcakes and cupcakes only, were starting to become a popular trend. Instead of having the traditional birthday cake or wedding cake, people all around the world began obsessing over cupcakes. This crazy obsession began the rise of Cupcake bakeshops.

How Firefly Cupcakes Came to Be:

"When I started this venture I knew I wanted a name that reflected something special different and just a little magical." - Wendy Egloff (owner

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East Aurora Cafe: Located on Main Street next to the well known Vidlers 5&10, Firefly includes a open dining room with seating and a fireplace. A couple of days during the week the cafe will provide their customers with free live music.

Cupcake Flavors

Cupcake flavors  change weekly or depending on the season. Firefly has an expanding list of flavors which grows every week. As of now they have over 700 different flavors, although most of the flavors are not offered every day customers can still come in and get one of their 7-standard flavors including, vanilla bean, chocolate explosion, Red velvet, The PBC, "nilla birthday", chauklit birthday and the punt-cake. Firefly Cupcakes also offers Vegan and Gluten free cupcakes.

Vegan and Gluten Free Cupcakes

Veganism is a fairly new and growing movement. Vegan desserts were at a bare minimum because the use of eggs and other dairy products were not apart of the vegan diet. Slowly but shortly vegan desserts began popping up in small establishments around the United States. Instead of using basic dairy ingredients bakers learned to substitute milk and eggs with mainly soy products and other milk substitutions such as almond milk or rice milk. Instead of using eggs bakers would add about a quarter of a cup of Soy yogurt to give the consumers the same taste and texture of a regular cupcake or other baked goods. Firefly Cupcakes participates in vegan baking, although not all of their cupcakes are vegan they make sure to include vegan cupcakes into their seasonal menus.

Gluten free cupcakes at Firefly are fairly new. Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat. Bakers need to make sure that the flower they are cooking with excludes barley, rye, oats and in some cases wheat. Although being gluten free is somewhat of a challenge, baking gluten free is very simple. Bakers simply replace regular flour with all-purpose gluten free flour blend.

Past cupcake flavors:

Red apple (regular and gluten free) Apple filled cinnamon cake and butter cream icing Fauxtess: chocolate cake with white marshmallow filling/chocolate ganache PB&J: white bread cake/grape jelly filling and peanut butter frosting Cinnamon toast crunch (regular and vegan) cinnamon toast cake and vegan Cookie dough: chocolate cookie dough filling, cake and frosting Teachers pet (regular, gluten free, and vegan) vanilla bean and white butter cream

Fall Seasonal Cupcakes

Caramel apple: apple filled cinnamon caramel cake topped with caramel butter cream Cinnalicious: Vanilla bean and cinnamon cake topped with cheesecake frosting Maple Cranberry ( Regular and Gluten Free) vanilla bean and cranberry cake topped with maple butter cream Oatmeal cookie: oatmeal cookie cake topped with white butter cream Orange chocolate (Regular, Gluten Free, Vegan) chocolate orange cake topped with orange butter cream Pumpkin Distraction (regular and vegan) apple butter filled pumpkin cake topped with chai butter cream

How Much?

Regular size cupcakes are $29.99 per dozen, can be any assortment of flavors. Mini cupcakes or "smidges" are 29.99 for 2 dozen with your choice of 2 flavors

Menu $2.99 six $16.50 dozen $29.99 Stumptown Coffee..cup $2.50 Pot $5.00 ZHi Tea..cup $2.50 pot $5.00 Water, Juice, Apple juice..$2.00 Frozen Hot chocolate..$3.40 Iced Coffee

What else does Firefly Cupcakes have to offer?

Firefly Cupcakes not only cares about their brand but is thoughtful enough to sell other products such as ZHi Tea. Zhi Tea is an organic loose leaf tea which is offered in 8 different flavors. Gong Fu Cacao Chai Ambrosia Oothu White Kenya Chai Sweet Desert Delight Tropical Green Jasmine Green They also offer a variety of Johnnie Ryan Soda flavors along with Canine cupcakes.

Firefly Cupcakes Delivers!

Firefly offers limited delivery Events:

Firefly Cupcakes host's Bus tours and tour groups


"Stopped by this weekend after a friend mentioned they won award for best cupcakes in WNY. I could immediately see why. Great shop, great staff and amazing cupcakes. The chocolate was to die for-moist and yummy. We will be back."

"After sampling a third of each cupcake, I felt nauseous and sleepy for several hours. They were overpriced, underflavored, and tasted like cheap ingredients."

"Okay pretty much all four of my stars are for the coffee. Thank goodness for stumptown. Elmwood needs some decent coffee. Getting a whole french press of stumptown for $5 is a good deal in my book. I am only sad that they have no intentions of getting an espresso machine. A stumptown latte would be even more enticing."

"So hit or miss cupcake wise. Sigh. A few weeks ago I stopped by. Had the gluten free vegan mango surprise. I love mango. The cake was a little dense. Or something anyway. Not much mango flavor. Sigh. But the frosting was ok. This is the first time I have purchased only one and realized they are 3.25 each."


All photos credited to: Amanda Quaresima This page is for a project for Professor Pabico's COM336 at Buffalo State College