Our Jurisdictions in New York page provides a description of the various political jurisdictions within the State of New York as well as smaller demographic entities that are not legal entities. See Administrative_divisions_of_New_York for details.

New York State is divided into the legal entities of county, city, town, and village. All cities and towns lie within a designated county, villages may be within one or more towns.

Within New York certain unincorporated communities are known as hamlets. Within the wiki, we may also refer to them as a community or as a neighborhood. Although they are not recognized legal entities under NY State law, they may be represented by a legal entity such as an association.

The state also contain various Census Designated Places (CDP") which are geographic areas designated by the Census Bureau for collecting demographic and census data. Many of the CDPs are approximations of some of the above entities. See Census-designated_place.

New York state also organizes the state into School Districts which do not always coincide with a specific Town and may include multiple towns.

Legal Juirisdictions

Counties, Cities, Towns & Villages
County City Town Village

Other Community Jurisdictions

CDPs, Hamlets, Communities & Neighborhoods
CDP Hamlet Community Neighborhood