1081 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222
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Daily: 7:00am-1:00am
Phone / Fax
(716) 886-9081 / (716) 886-1576
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Cash/Credit Cards


Pano's has been over around for over thirty years. Its located on the heart of Elmwood in Buffalo, New York. Pano's has been very successful due to their wide variety of food. You can get everything from a delicious burger to a gourmet filet. Pano's has an affordable menu that can meet anyone's budget. With its newly renovated casual chic feel Pano's is the place to be! Pano's has a both bottom and upper part of the Restaurant for an easy and a soothing environment.

Pano's serves Breakfast, lunch and dinner. For those of you who do not eat meat, there's a menu fit for vegetarians as well. For those of you that like to drink, there is a little bubbly for you as too! =) Though the expansion that were made have brought a new and great atmoshpere, a sarifice had to be made. That was to demolish the E. M Atwater house on 1080 Elmwood Ave. This has had an effect on the Buffalo community for the simple fact that this was in the works since 2004. Though petitions, concerns, complaints and meetings have been made to preserve this monumental building, it was still demolished to make way for the new and improved Pano's. Some may think that this was a good move to bring in lots more customers and an even a bigger revenue. Others think that this was a grave mistake and that Buffalo therefore lost a piece of history.

With the above just stated, just like there are benefits and disadvantages to the "new" and upscale Pano's. There are people that feel that Pano's has take a toll for the worst in terms of it's customer service and the hospitality towards people. It's not open 24 hours like it used to just a few short years ago and and the food just isn't the same. Newcomers who haven't been nor resided at Buffalo for too long will not notice this, but, people who have been around know that this Pano's is nothing compared to what it used to be especially with it's authentic Greek food turned more Americanized.

Local Favorites

Real Fruit Smoothies Available in Wild Berry or Banana-Apple. All natural, all fruit, no ice, no sugar added! Blended with fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh honey yogurt........................................................................ $4.99

Honey Yogurt With Granola and Wild Berries .......................... $3.49

8 oz. NY Strip Steak and Eggs Served with home fries and toast. ... $7.99

Two-Two-Two Two buttermilk pancakes, two extra large eggs, and a choice of two pieces of Ham, Bacon or Sausage. Home fries are available instead of meat. ... $5.99

Eggs Benedict 8oz. Angus Burger Your choice of toppings. Served with french fries...$8.49

Monsoon Salad - Fresh mangos, banana chips, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries and walnuts tossed in a lime poppy seed dressing and served over musclun greens.....$9.99 Available with coconut crusted chicken for $11.99

16oz. Choice T-Bone Steak .........................$14.99

Beef or Chicken Quesadilla...$8.49


1. As of July, 2010 per website