Buffalo is home to an amazingly diverse collection of restaurants — everything from diners and family joints, regional and national chains, to upscale dining experiences.

Buffalo Dining Guides and Reviews (in alphabetic order) :

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Restaurant Styles
Casual Gourmet
Cheap Food
Take Out
Caribbean Food
Chinese Food
Eclectic Foods
Ethiopian Food
European Food
German Food
Greek Food
Indian Food
Italian Food
Japanese Food
Korean Food
Kosher Food
Lebanese Food
Mediterranean Food
Mexican Food
Puerto Rican Food
Buffalo Cuisine
Thai Food
Vegetarian Food
Vietnamese Food
Other Places to Eat (not listed on this page)
Bar Food
Farm Markets
Grocery Stores
Street Meat
Ice Cream
Water Front

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Take-Out Food

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Buffalo Cuisine

Buffalo Cuisine provides a list of eating establishments, foods and related places uniquely Buffalo:

Buffalo Foods

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Uniquely Buffalo Restaurants

Western NY Cuisine

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Japanese Food

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Italian Food

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Chinese Food

Chinese Restaurants in Buffalo

Crystal Asian CuisineChinese BBQPeking Quick One

There are many authentic Chinese restaurants in Buffalo, provide you with traditional Chinese food including Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Shanghai cuisine and Cantonese cuisine.

Shandong Cuisine

Sichuan Cuisine

Hot Pot

Mixed Cuisine




Buffalo is home to both national chain pizza places, and local pizza shops full of charm and personality.

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Bailey Seafood

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Sit-down Service
24 Hour Service
Sandwiches, Pastries & Bagels

Also see donuts and bagels.

Major Chains

Chain Restaurants

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