Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill 7617
2007 Walden Avenue
Cheektowaga, NY 14225


Business Hours





Wednesday 11AM–2AM
Thursday 11AM–2AM
Friday 11AM–2AM
Saturday 11AM–2AM
Sunday 11AM–12AM
Monday 11AM–2AM
Tuesday 11AM–2AM



Contact Information 

Phone # (716) 683-0724

Fax # (716) 681-4580


Smokey Bones is a bar & grill but is also a family friendly restaurant, it has great food and drinks. They serve barbecue, wings, steak, and so much more. The drinks they serve seem to be home made recipes, there is a non alcohol  strawberry lemonade that has a sweet unique taste, if you love strawberry lemonade you should stop into Smokey Bones.  Smokey Bones is not only a bar and restaurant it does  catering for events, they even have a pick up and orders over delivery service.  


Signature Smokey Bones Burger.Strawberry lemonade 





Check out Smokey Bones Facebook page or Visit their web set Smokey Bones,