The Thrift Stores page provides a directory listing of thrift stores that provide sales used and consignment goods in the Buffalo area. There are a lot thrift stores in the Buffalo area, including its surrounding suburbs.

  • A Plus Bargains - 1234 Abbott Rd, Lackawanna, NY 14218 - 716-827-4872
    • Open 8am-9pm Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm Sunday
    • Specialty: Each week all items tagged with a specific color are discounted by 50%.
  • Amvets - 1833 Elmwood Avenue, 716-873-7900
    • Open 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm Sunday
    • Specialty: Amvets also does a 25% senior discount off of clothing every Monday and a 25% student discount off clothing every Tuesday with valid school ID. The clothing also has colored tags and depending on the color tag of the week, there is a 25% discount given.
  • City Mission Thrift Store - 2303 Union Road
  • Goodwill Stores - 2655 Delaware Avenue,716-447-0566 - 1119 William Street
    • Open: 9:30am-7pm Monday-Friday, 12pm-6pm Saturday, 12pm-5pm Sunday
    • Specialty: Wedding dresses, bowling balls, and ice skates for sale. Clothing is also categorized by color and style.
  • Hearts Thrift Shop - 890 Tonawanda Street
  • New To You Shop - 289 Grant Street, 716-886-2490
    • Open 11am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday
    • Specialty: Furniture is displayed to give customers a feel of how items can be used.
  • Re-Tap - 54 Webster Street
  • Salvation Army
    • 7000 Transit Road 716-886-8436
    • 2196 Seneca Street 716-825-9948
    • 278 West Ferry Street 716-693-2319
    • 1080 Military Road 716-632-9929
    • 1089 Niagra Falls Blvd 716-836-9023
    • Specialty: Each week clothing items with a specific color are discounted 50%.Clothing is also categorized by color and style.
  • Southtowns Ladd Thrift Shop - 2280 Seneca Street


2010-06-14 18:47:41 —Peelahr&Jenni Here is a list of some best:

Categories used to rate stores: (1 poor, 2 fair, 3 satisfactory, 4 good, 5 great)

Organization/ Cleanliness, Size and Variety, Furniture, Accesories, Shoes, Outerwear, Children's Items, Houseware, Overall

2010-06-15 13:07:38  

The Amvets thrift store on Elmwood has been rated the Best Thrift Store by ArtVoice more than once! Its huge and I always find something I can’t live without everytime I go there. I’ve gotten everything from furniture, to clothes, to curtains from that place! They have a huge selection and variety of unique items if you give yourself enough time to dig around and not get overwhelmed by the mass amount of merchandise.

Organization-5 : The layout of the store makes it easy for you to navigate around and find the items you are looking for because all the racks are labeled and correspond to the merchandise. It stays tidy ecause there are always employees replacing items to the precise location. Size/Variety-5: The store is huge! There is bound to be something in there for everyone if you take the time to look. Go through slowly and don’t be overwhelmed! Furniture-4: Furniture is usually hit or miss but the selection here is usually in pretty good shape, clean, and attractive. Accessories-5: The accessories are one of the best parts of this place! From bags, to bracelets, to peacock feather key chains! There’s always something great. Shoes-3: The shoe selection is pretty good sized but they’re not always in the best of shape. They do have a range of styles though. Outerwear-5: Even in the summer they have racks of coats and jackets for everyone. They have a ton of different styles from faux fur to light cover-ups. Children’s Items-5: The variety of children’s items range from toys to boots to cribs! Housewares-5: The entire back wall of the store is dedicated to housewares from plates and mugs to baskets and clocks. Overall-5: The overall experience at Amvets receives a 5 because of the variety and selection of items in the store.


2010-06-15 13:58:33  

The Goodwill thrift store at 2655 Delaware is a great place to find things you didn’t even know you could get at a thrift store! You’ll be surprised by the wide variety of unusual items such as wedding gowns and even ice skates. The store is bright and clean which makes it easy for you to enjoy a day of thrift shopping and purchase some really good finds!

Organization-5: The clothes are arranged by color which is a great way to be able to go right to what grabs your eye. The rest of the store is neat and labeled as well. Size/Variety-5: A wide range of items make this store a 5. It’s not too big, but it isn’t cramped and cluttered either. Furniture-3: While there is some furniture, it isn’t this store strong point. What they have is in good condition though. Accessories-4: A wall to the right is dedicated to purses and bags in all shapes and sizes and they also have glass display counters containing necklaces and other jewelry. Shoes-4: This store is one of the few where all the shoes were actually in great condition. Although they don’t have an abundance, what they do have is good quality. Outerwear-1: I didn’t notice many coats or jackets here but it may just be seasonal. Children’s Items-5: From toys, to clothes, this is a great place to purchase anything you might need for a kid. Houseware-5: A large section of the store is devoted to household items like floor lamps, dishes, and even vacuum cleaners. Overall-5: The quality and variety of Goodwill’s merchandise is what we look for in a thrift store.


2010-06-15 16:49:59   The New to You Thrift Store on Grant Street is comprised of two store fronts conjoined. On one side you can find clothing, accessories and shoes for men and women. The best perk about this store is that they have an immense Children's section filled with toys and clothing. The toys and board games' pricing starts at 15 cents. Located on the other side of the store is a great section for household items, with electronics and furniture. Something interesting about the New to You Thrift Store is that it is a part of On the Job Ministries, an organization dedicated to providing West side Buffalo youth with mentoring and jobs in their community. On the Job Ministries also owns Westside Wheels, a bike shop, and Soap Works, a business dedicated to making soap with all natural ingredients. On the Job Ministries helps youth within the ages of 16-21. Call New to You for more information.

Organization-5 Although the store is quite small and compacted it is very neat in its layout. All of the items are separated into categories and the sections are labeled with prices. It wouldn't be difficult at all to find what you're looking for here. Size/Variety-4 The store is of a good size but is compact with all the items they have available, so it could a struggle for space to walk through aisles if there is a number of customers there. The variety of clothing and other items was good in that it had items in available in just about every section of life. Furniture-4 The furniture is well priced for a thrift store and is displayed to give customers an idea on how it can used, which is something you don't see often in thrift stores. Accessories-3 There wasn't much variety in bags, scarves and jewelry and the items weren't very relevant to today's fashion trends so they looked somewhat dated. And there isn't much to see in the jewelry section. Shoes-3 The shoes section is displayed well but the variety isn't there. Most of them looked to be of a dark boot style, so the diversity in style and color was lacking. Not very memorable. Outerwear-1 There didn't seem to be coat or jacket section at all, although that could be due to the summer season or they could be mixed in with the other clothing. Children's-5 This store may have the best children's section I've seen in a thrift store because it was all encompassing. This section included games in addition to children's clothing and accessories. This section of the store seemed to have the best condition of clothing as well, because it looked to be that most of it was brand new or barely worn. Houseware-5 The electronics seemed to be in mint condition and were fairly priced. The dishes and other household items were also in very good condition and well priced. Overall-4 A little tight in size, overall a really good thrift store in terms of price and variety.


2010-06-15 17:19:37   The Salvation Army has several different locations around Buffalo and in neighboring areas. But they are all relatively similar in layout.

Organization-3 Salvation Army stores are all sectional by women, men, and children's clothing, but within those sections it can be difficult to find anything you are looking for because you must rummage through an entire section to get what you want. Size/Variety-3 Although these stores are normally very big in size, it can be a bit overwhelming when you have to look through so much to find what you want. The stores also lack in variety because everything pretty much looks the same. Furniture-2 Items look very old and out of style, they seem to have no use. Accessories-2 There isn't much to choose from here. Shoes-2 They all looked dark and worn. Outerwear-5 They had the best section of coats and jackets, there is a lot to choose from here. Children's-4 Great section for kids, they have a lot of clothing to choose from. Houseware-3 The items in this section didn't seem to be useful as they looked outdated and not in very good condition. Overall-3.5 I guess depending on the Salvation Army, you may have better luck at finding what you're looking for, but overall I wouldn't recommend these stores before the others. —Peelahr&Jenni