About Twitter

Twitter is a major social media site that allows people, organizations, companies, etc to create an account with a Twitter Name, a profile containing a photo, website address, location, and a brief "Bio".

Twitter users may send "tweets" of up to 140 characters in length to the Twitter-connected world. That means anyone with internet access who goes to the Twitter website or a large variety of sites that process, categorize, and display these tweets.

Twitter also has Direct Message facilities where users may also communicate directly with each other via the Tweets.

Twitter users may be addressed/referenced specifically in tweets by appending their username with the @ symbol.

Twitter users also use "Hashtags". wihich are simply a tag word prefixed with the # symbol, such as #BufWiki

There are a variety of services that allow users to reference websites via condensed versions of long URLs (that 140 character limit) and Twitter automatically shortens long URL's itself (but not to help you get under 140).

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