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Contact: Lopez, Cathy
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PCN offers the opportunity for parents to be involved with their child's first school experience. We have educated and dedicated staff members who have a longstanding relationship with the school. Teachers at PCN strive to help students build self awareness and develop positive self concepts, through a variety of play experiences. Opportunities for physical development in both large and small muscle coordination, creative expression, both verbal and artistic and intellectual growth and development.


5825 Sheldon Rd, Canton, MI, 48187


PCN is a cooperative preschool based on the philosophy that play is the child's primary medium for learning and that through it, she experiences how to give and take, to respect the rights of others, and to modify his own desires to meet the requirements of the society in which they live - without losing their essential identity as a person. At PCN each child has the opportunity to play with a variety of equipment and material that encourages creative expression as well as social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. PCN enhances the readiness of the child to go forward with his educational program and to participate as a good citizen in the life of the community.

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