The Cary Town Council governs the Town of Cary.  Chartered by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1871, the Town of Cary is governed by a council-manager form of government and the citizens of Cary elect a seven-member Town Council, including the mayor. Four of the seven council members are district representatives chosen by voters within each geographic district. Two council members and the mayor are at-large representatives elected town-wide. 

General duties of the Cary Town Council Members include:

  1. Establishing policies and programs for the effective delivery of Town services;
  2. Approving the annual financial plan and budget and setting the property tax rate and all user fees; and
  3. Providing all ordinances, rules and regulations for the welfare of the Town.

In addition to the above general duties, Cary Town Council Members perform numerous ceremonial duties and serve as liaisons to many organizations, including Town of Cary government groups and organizations outside Town government. 

* In June 2012, Julie Aberg Robison (At-large) resigned from the Town Council to move to West Virginia with her family. In July 2012,Ed Yerha* (At-large) was appointed from a group of 59 applicants to serve Robison's unexpired term. Yerha is scheduled to be sworn in August 23, 2012.