This is a page where you can add tasks that can be completed within this wiki.

You, yes you reading this, can help us build this wiki. There are some ropes to learn, but they are pretty straightforward, especially if you have spent much time doing things like writing emails. You can visit this page for a very basic introduction to working in LocalWiki. The Champaign-Urbana LocalWiki has some more in-depth info in their guide.

If you work in Food Systems:

1. Documents/Reports/Webinars/Etc to Add:      

Strategy: If the document belongs to a clear entity that is not subsumed into a large institution, like a university, add the document as a resource on the organizations, localwiki page. If the page doesn't exist, create one. You can find a really basic org template here. If the document doesn't have a clear LocalWiki home, or it would get lost in a large institution, add it to this page. We can move things later if it seems appropriate.

Find the Google Spreasheet of Documents to Add, here.


2. Pages that need hyperlinks to partner organizations (CAFhyperlinks)

Find list of pages here.

3. Add resources to the following Organization Pages (CAF Needs Resources)

  • This can be done by accessing the organization's website, or by contacting the org. If you develop an email script for contacting organizations, consider posting it here for others to use
  • Add these resources where appropriate, but consider adding a section called resources on the organization's main page
  • Add the link to each resource into a new page, ideally with a short description. Add tags to this page. 
  • See list of possible tags, developed at the Central Appalachian Foodshed Conference in Marion, VA, in Sept. 2015.
  • All pages that need resources
  • If you add a resources to a page and feel that the resource still needs additional tags, add the tag caftag.

4. Add maps to these pages (CAFAddMap)

Find list of pages here.

5. Pages that need a lot of work (CAFrework)

6. Pages that need some work (CAFFuturedevelopments)

7.  Pages that need to be added. (CAFstub)

  • How to add new organizations to localwiki
  • Find a list of pages here.
    • A. Does a region (the city or county) exist for you organization? If yes, go to C. In no, go to B.
  • Front page calendar or running list of events/meetings/conferences related to local foods/Ag/rural development
  • Page with a running list of funding opportunities and resources
  • Add Needed Organizations, Project, etc., here.