The Honeysuckle Cafe and Bar is a local coffee shop creating farm based artisan beverages and experiences that support community ownership of local farms. Honeysuckle Cafe and Bar stemmed from Honeysuckle Farm, and they wanted the community to enjoy good food and drinks that came from local farms, while enjoying all that nature has to offer. The farm includes play spaces for kids and adults, chestnut oak forests for hiking, blueberry fields and bonfires, to name a few.

Everytime you drink a Honeysuckle Cafe and Bar latte made from local milk and coffee beans, you’re not only helping farmers. You’re helping to fund land conservation and historic preservation. 50% of profits go to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Unique Places to Save. 



Honeysuckle Cafe and Bar originated from the Looking Glass Cafe, which was a staple in Carrboro. Honeysuckle Cafe and Bar came about in 2017, modeled after the Honeysuckle Tea House that is owned by the same farm.


Business statement

“The Honeysuckle is an experiment in land conservation, community farm creation, and local farm to beverage businesses.  Our goal? Drink a farm into community ownership.”



Sunday-Saturday 7am-8pm


Teas for sale - pick up at the Honeysuckle Cafe & Bar

Honeysuckle teas are blended with herbs directly from their farm and out-sourcing only when necessary. 


Allergy Relief - from $14.95

Tulsi Chai - from $14.95

Four Sisters - from $14.95

Sweet Dreams - from $14.95

Balancing the Moon - from $14.95

Nourishmint - from $14.95

Soothing Blooms - from $14.95

Spiced Annise Hyssop - from $14.95

Sunrise - from $14.95




2018 PB&J - $20/375mL

2018 Midnight Bramble - $19/375mL

2018 Raspberry Jam - $20/375mL

2018 Paw Paw Patch - $20/375mL

2018 Blueberry Jam - $17/375/mL

2019 Orchard and Vine - $13/375mL

2019 PB & J - $26/750mL

2018 Elderberry & Elderflower - $26/750mL



Cafe Menu



601 West Main Street, Carrboro, NC 27510


For more information


[email protected]