Unicorn's First Public Performance at KoreaNite 2019 on Feb. 17, 2019. Photo courtesy of Christine Chen.


Based in UNC-Chapel Hill, Unicorn is a K-pop dance cover team beginning production at December 2018. Unicorn provides its members opportunities to learn dance moves from popular K-pop songs and film dance cover videos.


Unicorn gets its name as this word includes these three letters “U,” “N” and “C,” so the name can best represent for the school and creates a cute image for students who are passionate about K-pop.


The founder of Unicorn, Sharon Ge, was inspired to establish this group when she noticed a growing interest in the music genre of K-pop around the campus. In the absence of a club, K-pop lovers were separated and could only enjoy the music themselves. Unicorn, however, now gives them a good chance to meet each other and have fun together.


When many other dance clubs of UNC had relatively high entry barriers, Sharon wanted her club to be more accessible to those who didn’t have much dancing experiences before.


By uploading a few cover videos to its Youtube page and performing on some Korean culture events, Unicorn gained some popularity around the campus. Sharon realized the significance of Unicorn to promote Asian culture and expand community diversity.


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