Budget Router $60 (Not For Business)


At about $60 this router is about the cheapest I can recommend for a home router. You will get pretty great speeds over a wire, and it will be about the best speeds you will see wireless for under $100.


Gaming and Small Home Business Router $130 (Home and Home Business)



This is a great all around router and will serve most people very well. It's what I use at home. I haven't had to reboot it in the two years I have owned it. Rock solid and fast. The most reliable router you can buy in this price bracket.


Is the AC (near gigabit wireless) capable successor to the RT-N66U, very capable, with great range. 


Best Router $200 (Extreme Home Users and Small Business) (come on you're worth it)


This thing is an absolute beast. Over-kill for most home users unless you are a family that has 4+ Netflix HD streams, online games, and big file transfers going on all at the same time. But, for home business and small business users with a file server and large file transfers going on constantly, I can't recommend this router enough.  This router will last you a long time.