Nine members comprise the Chattanooga City Council.  All Council members are elected concurrently and by majority vote, with the most recent election taking place March 5, 2012.  Only two members carried over from the previous Council, and only one is a woman.

Agenda sessions (where most of the decision making happens) take place every Tuesday at 3:00 pm, and Council meetings are Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.  Both are open to the public and held in the Council Assembly Room at 1000 Lindsay St.

The current representation is as follows:

District 1: Chip Henderson, [email protected]

District 2: Jerry Mitchell, [email protected]

District 3: Ken Smith, [email protected]

District 4: Larry Grohn, [email protected]

District 5: Russel Gilbert, [email protected]

District 6: Carol Berz, [email protected]

District 7: Chris Anderson, [email protected]

District 8: Moses Freeman, [email protected]

District 9: Yusuf Hakeem, [email protected]

Council Process



Economic & Community Development, Chaired by Councilman Chris Anderson

Transportation & Public Works, Chaired by Councilman Ken Smith

Audit, Chaired by Councilman Larry Grohn

Youth & Family Development, Chaired by Councilman Russell Gilbert

Budget & Finance, Chaired by Councilwoman Carol Berz

Human Resources, Chaired by Councilman Jerry Mitchell


In 2013, Open Chattanooga worked with Council to get meetings live streamed, now accessible at beginning with the 3:00 agenda sessions and continuing through the Council meeting. 

The next City Council elections will be held March 7, 2017.