ColorNooga 5K
(formerly Color Me Chattanooga)

April 5th is our upcoming 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run, to be held at Chattanooga State at 2 p.m.
Full info and registration info is available on

Here's what is way cool about us:

1. ColorNooga is SO DIFFERENT from other runs held that toss color at you.  Those are FOR-PROFIT national, sometimes inter-national, organizations.  They make you THINK they are non-profit because they donate some of the proceeds to a local charity.  ColorNooga is NON-PROFIT, a fundraiser of Signal Centers, Inc., and 100% (make sure you read that 100%) of the net proceeds stay with the program of Signal Centers, Inc.

2. Since 1957, Signal Centers, Inc., has offered programs of support for children and adults with disabilities. You can read all about them at

3. We have some fun stuff happening.  This year, our event is at Chatt State on Amnicola Highway.  We will have the typical color stations, along with some fun liquid spray color -- the latter of which will be provided by some random ColorNooga people running throughout the crowd.  You'll never know when it's coming!  We will also have a fun party going on the entire time -- with music, food, swag, sales booths, give-aways, tee-shirt cannons, and all that awesome stuff we know you love.

4. ColorNooga is put on by Signal Centers' staff and a group of local community volunteers.  We put on the sort of event WE, ourselves, would like to attend.  That's how much we care about you.'re special...not like the rest.

5. Donations to ColorNooga are tax-deductible.  That's right!  BUT...always check with your tax professional. Not 100% of everything is always deductible in every circumstance.