East Lake is one of Chattanooga's historical, working class neighborhoods. Generally, it is the area between Rossville Blvd. on the west and Missionary Ridge on the west, with I-24 to the north and Rossville on the south. It has a very diverse population, and a very diverse economic base (Yes, there are a lot of great businesses, such as Bea's Restaurant, Astec, and Prater's Flooring in East Lake). East Lake's crown jewel is one of Chattanooga's nicest but least known parks: East Lake Park. Another fine feature of East Lake is the old unused Elementary school. A group of folks living in the neighborhood are trying repurpose it. Here is the link to OPEN East Lake .http://myeastlake.org/

In 2011, East Lake won the "My Neighborhood Rocks" contest with a video featuring East Lake residents. The video, produced by FancyRhino and titled "There's a Fire Down Here" can be viewed on youtube here.