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Chat·ta·noo·ga  [chat-uh-noo-guh]

1. A mid-sized city (MSA pop. 537,889) in southeast Tennessee known for bootstrapping itself back from the brink through public visioning and public-private partnership in what has become known as the Chattanooga Renaissance.

2. Also known as "The Scenic City" because of its location on both sides of the Tennessee River in a valley surrounded by mountains and ridges (most notably Lookout Mountain, Signal Mountain, and Missionary Ridge).

3. Also known as "The Gig City" because in 2010 it became the first (and to date only) city in America to establish a community-wide fiber optic network capable of providing up to one gigabit per second (1024 Mbps) Internet speeds to every home and business in the 600 square mile area.



Civic and Community Engagement



Localism, new economy

Neighborhood Economics

Local History

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