Neighborhood Character

  • Home Types:  Mostly single family homes, some apartment buildings
  • The neighborhood has a diverse population, based on socio-economics, race and age
  • Hill City is located on the north side of the Tennessee River, very close to Downtown Chattanooga and at the foot of Stringer's Ridge.
  • The majority of homes are bungalow style, built in the early to mid-1900's.  
  • According to the 2012 American Community Survey, the median household income for Hill City is $31,290. (ACS Survey, 2012


Like many places in and around Chattanooga, Hill City has a history rooted in the Civl War. Following the end of the war, Hill City was known as "Camp Contraband," one of several Union camp sites across Tennessee that offered asylum for former and escaped slaves. With an influx of this population, Hill City became one of the first African American neighborhoods in Chattanooga. (need more history!)


Hill City is zoned for Red Bank Elementary, Red Bank Middle School, and Red Bank High School. Additionally, there are 5 spots reserved each year at Normal Park Museum Magnet for entering Kindergartners that live in Hill City. 

Neighborhood Association

The Hill City Neighborhood Association meets on the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm at the North Chattanooga Youth and Family Development Center (located at 364 May Street). 

Hill City Neighborhood Contact Information

Local Government

Features & Amenities

  • North Chattanooga Youth & Family Development Center
  • Hill City Community Garden
  • Hill City Park 
  • Stringer's Ridge