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  • Home Types:  Mostly single family homes
  • Hilltop is a historic area of Chattanoga located on the south side of Brainerd Rd., between Germantown Rd. and Belvoir Ave. The half closest to Belvoir used to be called "Belvoir Heights" and still is called this on new titles.
  • The neighborhood has two distinct development styles. The majority of homes on the Germantown side of the neighborhood are bungalow style intermixed with homes built in the 1950's. The Belvoir side up until Hilltop Drive, sometimes referenced as Belvoir Heights, was developed initially in 1926 with stately residences on large estates that were then further sold and developed along with the rest of the neighborhood between the forties through the fifties. On this side you will see rare original Tudor Revivals, Dutch Colonial Revivals, and a Colonial Spanish Ecclectic home, as well as mixed custom architectural styles unique to their decade of development. Majority of residents send their children to many accessible private schools to the area such as Belvoir Christian Academy and McCallie School.


It was home to one of the first thriving Jewish communities of Chattanooga, predominantly from 1920's-1970's. This included notable area business owners, lawyers, physicians, and tradesmen. The neighborhood has been undergoing a renaissance in the past decade with historic home restoration as a key driving force.


Hilltop is zoned for East Ridge Elementary, East Ridge Middle School, and East Ridge High School. Multiple private schools are easily accessible within a ten minute drive of the neighborhood.

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The Hilltop Neighborhood Association stays connected via online tools and in-person conversations.

Hilltop Neighborhood Contact: [email protected]

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