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Copy edit

Find a random article, read it over. Can you improve the formatting, phrasing, spelling or punctuation? Click "edit" and have at it.

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Add tags

Tags are the things at the bottom of pages. They work sort of like categories. Here's a list of all tags used on ChaWiki. Find one that looks like it could be a good category, like Food Trucks. Then, figure out what other pages should be in that tag. It can be tricky! The "edit tags" button is at the bottom of pages, rather than at the top. You'll quickly get the hang of it.

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Create Wiki Links

See all the links on pages here? The connections between various ChaWiki pages are the best part. Even if another page doesn't exist, a good standard is that every unique subject or noun could be a link. Pages which don't yet exist show up as dashed-underlined links - which could prompt others to create the page or remind you to create it later. So, as you read through pages, edit them and add links - even if the target page doesn't yet exist!

Pro tip: in the editor, you can create links easily by highlighting text and typing Ctrl or Command + L.

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Edit tags