Anna Golladay is the local person leading this fall's Neighborhood Economics event in Chattanooga.


Innovation partners.

Community agency partners


PEF is a local foundation and democratic non profit funding organization with a goal to transform public education in Chattanooga.


Glass House Collective was founded to help our community bring life back to Glass Street, and Glass Street back to life. Entrepreneurial and beta-minded, Glass House Collective gathers diverse teams of talent to help revitalize historic Glass Street in Chattanooga.

The local utlity EPB is one of America's largest publicly owned electric power providers. We're also the pioneering communications company that surprised the nation with the first Gigabit Internet speeds, crystal clear television and telephone service utilizing a community-wide fiber optic network. But most of all, we're here to serve Chattanooga with the neighbor-to-neighbor local service you've come to expect from us.

100 Black men of Chattanooga is a volunteer network

Code for America Chattanooga. Lisa P. Flint of the Footprint Foundation is helping with the event design, content and outreach.

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Loving My Community founded by Latoya Holloman who wrote an open letter to black leaders the Benwood Foundation highlighted.