Not so much a neighborhood as it is a branding effort, the "North Shore" refers to a vaguely defined region adjacent to downtown Chattanooga but north of the river.  North, that is, of the Tennessee River's bank.  Not the shore, but the bank.  Rivers have banks.  Not shores.  Really.

It currently stretches two to three blocks from the river and might best be described as a rapidly developing open-air shopping, dining, entertainment and park district.  With much to do and see clustered in an area which is easily traversed on foot, it's one of the best parts of town to spend a free day or take visitors.

A relatively recent and spurious creation like "the Southside," the North Shore as a region as well as the area's cloyingly self-aware slogan "Hip to Historical" have been around since way back in 2006.  Traditionally, the North Shore featured small, locally-owned businesses.  By 2025, rampant condominium development will have rendered the North Shore one contiguous über-building which will most closely resemble a transplanted riverside version of Hamilton Place.  Yay.

Prospective transplants searching online for housing or businesses should keep in mind that the nebulously-defined "North Shore" buzzword is unabashedly used as a marketing tool by locations ranging from Red Bank to Hixson. Do not assume that having "North Shore" in the name or the description implies any actual proximity to downtown or to the Frazier/Cherokee/North Hills/Hill City area.