One of the great things about Chattanooga is the proliferation of extremely high-speed internet thanks to The Gig. This means that even in cafes and public places, it's relatively easy to find great internet access. This is a Wiki Project to document the quality of network connections in public wifi hotspots in Chattanooga.

How to participate

  1. Find or make an article for your favorite place with wifi
  2. Go to and click "start test" - wait for it to finish and click "share result".  There is also a iOS, Andriod, and Windows Phone apps available. 
  3. Click on the "image" tab and copy & paste the image URL into the wiki page for that page
  4. Tag that page with "wifi-speed-survey" so we can find all the places from this page
  5. Buy a cup of coffee or a sandwich from that place and thank them for offering great wifi!

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