School Name Primary Phone E-Mail
Albemarle Road Middle School 980-343-6420 albemarlerdmiddle
Alexander Graham Middle School 980-343-5810 alexandergrahammiddle
Ashley Park Pre K-8 School 980-343-6018 ashleyparkelem
Bailey Middle School 980-343-1068 baileymiddle
Berryhill School 980-343-6100 berryhillelem
Bruns Academy 980-343-5495 brunselem
Carmel Middle School 980-343-6705 carmelmiddle
Cochrane Collegiate Academy 980-343-6460 cochranemiddle
Collinswood Language Academy 980-343-5820 collinswoodelem
Community House Middle School 980-343-0689 communityhousemiddle
Coulwood Middle School 980-343-6090 coulwoodmiddle
Crestdale Middle School 980-343-5755 crestdalemiddle
Druid Hills Academy 980-343-5515 druidhillselem
E. E. Waddell Language Academy (formerly Smith Academy) 980-343-5815 waddellacademy
Eastway Middle School 980-343-6410 eastwaymiddle
Francis Bradley Middle School 980-343-5750 bradleymiddle
J.M. Alexander Middle School 980-343-3830 alexandermiddle
James Martin Middle School 980-343-5382 martinmiddle
Jay M. Robinson Middle School 980-343-6944 jrobinsonmiddle
John M. Morehead STEM Academy 980-343-5775 moreheadk8
Kennedy Middle School 980-343-5540 kennedymiddle
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School 980-343-0698 martinlutherkingmiddle
McClintock Middle School 980-343-6425 mcclintockmiddle
Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis 980-343-0006 mgla.mgd
Mint Hill Middle School 980-343-5439 minthillmiddle
Northeast Middle School 980-343-6920 northeastmiddle
Northridge Middle School 980-343-5015 northridgemiddle
Northwest School of the Arts 980-343-5500 northwesthigh
Oaklawn Language Academy 980-343-0400 oaklawnelem
Piedmont Middle School 980-343-5435 piedmontopenmiddle
Quail Hollow Middle School 980-343-3620 quailhollowmiddle
Randolph Middle School 980-343-6700 randolphmiddle
Ranson Middle School 980-343-6800 ransonmiddle
Reid Park Academy 980-343-5035 reidparkelem
Ridge Road Middle School 980-344-3410 ridgerdmiddle
Sedgefield Middle School 980-343-5840 sedgefieldmiddle
South Charlotte Middle School 980-343-3670 southcharlottemiddle
Southwest Middle School 980-343-5006 southwestmiddle
Thomasboro Academy 980-343-6000 thomasboroelem
Walter G. Byers School 980-343-6940 byerselem
Westerly Hills Academy 980-343-6021 westerlyhillselem
WhiteWater Middle School 980-344-3400 whitewatermiddle
Charlotte United Christian Academy 704-537-0331 warriors(_at_)