High Fidelity is a 2000 film about some folks who work at and hang around record stores in Chicago. The movie was filmed in Chicago and some folks would lovingly say that record stores and the folks who hung around them REALLY WERE LIKE THAT! True or not true? Either way, this all reflects some deeply pre-internet reality, so enjoy the time capsule!

From Wikipedia: "The writers decided to change the book's setting from London to Chicago because they were more familiar with the city and it also had a "great alternative music scene", according to Pink.[6] Cusack said, "When I read the book I knew where everything was in Chicago. I knew where the American Rob went to school and dropped out, where he used to spin records, I knew two or three different record shops when I was growing up that had a Rob, a Dick and a Barry in them".[7] Charlotte Tudor, of the film's distributor, Buena Vista, said: "Chicago has the same feel as north London, there is a vibrant music scene, a lot of the action is set in smoky bars and, of course, there is the climate. But everyone, including Nick, felt that geography was not the central issue. It has a universal appeal".[8] Scenes were filmed in the neighborhood of Wicker Park, Chicago.[9]"