There is a large Russian community in Chicago (not as large as the Polish community - but still large!).


There's a lot of Russian-language media in Chicago!


Новые Горизонты (New Horizons): On 1240AM, this station has been on the air since 1986.

новая жизнь (New Life): On 1330AM,

Russian radio has many different shows including gardening shows, call-in legal advice, Laura Golub helps people who get traffic citations, car mechanics, "back to nature" & "wonders of nature" pharmacists, and streaming from shows in Russia.


Chicago News / Новости Чикаго -

  • The highest circulation
  • The widest distribution map
  • Major local news and ONLY EXCLUSIVE content

SVET: Free weekly newspaper.

Газета Реклама (Reklama): Free Russian-language newspaper.

7 Дней - weekly newspaper.

Novy Svet - weekly newspaper.

Subota - weekly newspaper.

Secret y Uspeha - monthly magazine. Focus is aspirational - focuses on Russian-Americans who have accomplished different goals and how they reached them. They also have a radio show on 1330 on Thursday mornings where they invite different business owners, etc., to present about how they got to where they are. Former monthly magazine that no longer exists.

Tretiy Glaz (later called Yskatl') - this is a former monthly magazine that no longer exists.



There are many Russian DJ's!

  • DJ KGB
  • DJ Morozov
  • DJ Mike Valentine
  • DJ Uzhana - she's an astrologist!


There are many festivals, music performances, and other cultural events in the Chicago Russian community.

Theater is very popular and while there are many visiting productions and performances (from Russia but also from places like New York), there's also a full-time Russian-Chicagoan theater company called Tet-A-Tet.

There is another theater group called "Atrium".

There is a school called Destskiy Teater that puts on theater performances for children in Russian. Performances include Pinocchio, Baron Munchausen, and more.

Annual Festivals

Fair: usually in early September/end of August. Has booths for local businesses, beer, etc.

Russian Restaurants


La Mirage

Petergov (named after the summer residence of tsar Nicolai II)