How does the wiki feel about having all this information in additional languages? I'd vote to delete it, as this is primarily an English-language wiki, and it would be tough to find editors that natively speak other languages. Any thoughts? —DavidStillman

  • Well, the problem with these pages, in general, is that they are slightly formated copies of Chico State's official pages. I'd vote get rid of the additional languages. I really doubt the viability of this wiki being useful to those that only speak Mandarin. On the otherhand, if a Spanish speaking user decided to start pages in Espanol, I'd be quite comfortable with that because of the large latino population in Chico... The big issue is whether or not to keep the pages as written or paraphrasing/summarizing and making more wiki-like. I prefer the later though it would take a bit of time. —RyanMikulovsky
  • I'd say providing the link to the webpage where the information in these other languages is available (with a note that one can find it there) would be better. It would be very hard to maintain content in multiple languages, especially with our current small number of regular editors who may not speak the languages used. I also agree with Ryan about the need to paraphrase the content, since it's not even "slightly formatted" from the official page, it is pretty much verbatim. I'll see what I can do about a reworking of the wording at some point today if I don't hear any objections, since we generally have tended to rephrase anything that was a direct copy and paste from another site. —StaceyEllis
  • I say keep it and make a place for it. I think we should hope for the day the Chico Wiki is translated into Italian, Chinese, etc. For the article on ALCI I think it is especially fine to have. —GregBard