For information on the current election campaign see: AS Elections 2009.

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Students Serving Students

Associated Students is the student government of the students at CSU Chico. The AS. in Chico is one of the most developed and powerful student government organizations in the world. With an annual revenue of almost $30 million, the students of CSU Chico own all AS Businesses including AS Vending, AS Dining Services, as well as the AS Bookstore. The students of CSU Chico also own their own student union building called the Bell Memorial Union which houses the Marketplace Cafe, AS Bookstore, and the student government offices.

The AS Bylaws provide that student officers are elected annually from among and by the students. Students are assessed a mandatory Activity Fee at registration which funds the student government and other programs. AS Chico provides a wealth of services to students while also providing the student body a voice to help shape Chico State's future.

Although the AS. is primarily a government entity, it is also a 501(c)(3) corporation at the same time. The dual goverment/corporate identity creates issues unique to AS Chico, especially due to the influence of its very substantial business revenue.

The AS. is generally divided into three areas, each the responsibility of one of three standing committees. The AS' role as a government is manifested in the Government Affairs Committee. The student union is administered under the original authority of the AS BMU Committee. Last, but not least, is the administration of the AS Businesses, which is under the original authority of the AS Business Committee. All of these areas are under the ultimate authority of the AS Board of Directors.

According to the main page of AS Chico's website, the purpose of the Associated Students is to enrich the quality of campus life at California State University, Chico and to complement the educational mission of the University providing full actualization of the university experience through student governance, Bell Memorial Union facilities, a broad spectrum of programs, services and integral campus commercial enterprises.


  • President — Oversees all Associated Students operations.
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of Facilities and Services
  • Vice President of Business and Finance.
  • Director of University Affairs
  • Director of Legislative Affairs.


Commissions help to direct issues that directly affect and interest students. Positions include:

Activity Fee Programs and Services

BMU Programs