3355 Esplanade
Dinner only
Wednesday thru Saturday 5:30-9:00pm
Sunday 5:00-9:00pm
Monday and Tuesday closed
Payment Method

Basque Norte is one of the classier (read: expensive) restaurants in Chico. The food is served "family style" and is plentiful. Dining here is a unique experience, one that hopefully a wealthy date or relative is paying for. Be aware, the menu is heavy on the meat, so if you aren't into a steak or seafood, this may not be the place for you.

They are known for their marinade, which is also available for your own home cooking. Look for the Basque Norte label on bottles at Costco and local grocery stores. Locals swear by it, so it must be good!

The restaurant is located on the extreme north end of the Esplanade (past Eaton Road) in North Chico, which is a less than convenient location for most Chicoans, but the occasional trip outside one's comfort zone is important anyway…

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2009-03-11 17:47:12   Basque Norte started in Paradise in 1975 and moved to Chico in the early 1980s. It has been known for its incredible steaks and seafood and consistency in quality. The owners, Stuart & Susie Allen and his mother, Barbara Allen, are very welcoming. The food is authentic (they lived in the Basque region) and their success for nearly 35 years is a testiment to their flavor! We love this place and if you think that driving 5 miles is too far for good food, then go ahead and eat at McDonald's. Take a date or the whole family! —

2009-03-11 21:59:27   Basque Norte is not expensive. —

2009-03-11 22:01:40   Basque Norte is not expensive. You can visit their web sight and see the menu. Easy parking and friendly atmosphere. the dining experience is exceptional. —

2009-07-08 22:16:00   I haven't been there yet, but I really like their marinade! I use it with chicken and the kids love it. I am still waiting for a wealthy relative to visit... we have a family of five and although it isn't that expensive for a date, with kids and teenagers it adds up. —Maycat

2009-12-09 15:43:24   I find that the service is usually excellent when I have the young female that I think might be related to the owners. Even if something isn't just how I order it, she makes sure to fix the situation. As far as steaks, they have been the best I have had at a restaurant. The only thing I would change is the atmosphere—maybe update and lose the fake plants:) —

2010-07-27 02:16:03   Classy isn't the word I would use to describe this restaurant. Kitschy is more like it :) —ChiaraBrown

2010-07-29 12:44:01   Basque Norte elevates dining to a religious experience! The lamb melts in your mouth, the grilled shrimp are divine, the potatoe and mediterranian salads are delightful, and the sangria will transport you to the sun washed shores of Northern Spain and the South of France! A rare treat, don't miss it! K. Fletcher —