Bidwell Mansion Bidwell Ranch as visible in Birdseye view of Chico 1871

525 Esplanade

Saturday, Sunday and Monday

11:00am-5:00pm. Last tour leaves at 4pm.

We will no longer be open on Friday for tours 

during fall. 

(530) 895-6144
California State Parks
Entrance Fees
Adult 18 and over: $6.00
Youth 5-17: $3.00
Children 4 and under: Free

Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park (more commonly called Bidwell Mansion) is currently a part of the California State Parks service. It was the home of Chico's founder John Bidwell and his wife, Annie. It is a three story Victorian home with 26 rooms. Tours of the house are available, which last about 50 minutes and include most of the interior. School children growing up in Chico can count on getting at least one tour of the mansion during their elementary school years, as it has been a common field trip destination for generations. In addition to group tours, there is a visitor center with information about the mansion and the Bidwells and a gift shop. Bidwell mansion allows visitors a chance to get a peek into Chico's past and an opportunity to learn more about the pioneer who founded it.

The mansion was a $60,000 project, and was finished in May 1868.1

The property surrounding Bidwell Mansion is host to many exotic species of plants. In front of the mansion is an enormous Magnolia tree. But perhaps the weirdest tree of all is the Monkey Puzzle Tree, from Chile. It may very well be over 100 years old!2

Bidwell Mansion Photos

East side of Bidwell Mansion with Stables in view Monkey Puzzle Tree at Bidwell Mansion Visitor Center

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