"SAS (Student Alliance for Sustainability) is a group of dedicated students devoted to advancing sustainable causes and educating our peers on collaborating in our community and abroad. We accomplish this through various events like Campus Sustainability Day, Earth Day and the Energy Awareness Fair. We also work to connect with national and international sustainability campaigns, i.e. Power Vote and Focus the Nation."

- Quoted from the Butte College website at http://www.butte.edu/sustainability/student_involvement.html

In April of 2011, SAS was able to send a small group of students to the 2011 Power Shift conference in Washington D.C. where over 10,000 people, most of whom were college students from all over the country, mobilized for climate change awareness and to pressure the U.S. Congress into progressive climate change legislation.

SAS photo op for the Butte College Roadrunner newspaper featuring a few 2010 members. Courtesy of CyrusFountain