This page is for discussing the contents of Cafes.

I got a little confused when I was trying to edit the name of Caffe Ricci on this page. Because of the [[include(Business Directory/Cafes, "Cafes")]], the actual cafes don't show up in the table of contents. Only the bakeries and the former cafes do. While the use of the include seems like a good idea in principle, it seems like it might be messing up the formatting in practice. Does anyone know if there's a good way to work around this? I like having a table of contents for easy navigation, but not if only part of the page's contents actually show up in it. Is the list of cafes so extensive that we can't maintain it manually without the include? Or is there some code I don't know about to make the include show up in the table of contents? Thoughts, anyone? —StaceyEllis

BTW, there's no good reason to make all these things subpages of "business directory"- it will just confuse people. —philipneustrom

Well, it is always possible to put the Cafes page back to how it was originally to ensure that the table of contents works. If someone wants to duplicate the effort and mirror cafes into the business directory, that is their right. But I think it may well be best, for formatting's sake, to keep the cafe page and others like it fully intact. As Philip said, having includes scattered everywhere may confuse people. The edit link on the far right of an include is even less obvious that the big fat edit icon at the top (and many don't even notice that!). Just my two cents. —RyanMikulovsky