930 Mangrove Avenue
Next to Blockbuster
7 a.m. - 6 p.m
(530) 891-9140
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Cash & Carry is a business located in the Mangrove Shopping Center. The company caters specifically to restaurant owners and because of this, the majority of their food is served in bulk or extremely large sizes. However, unlike places like Costco, no membership is required and the prices are extremely competitive. The store is large and includes a dairy section (with huge blocks of cheese or shredded bags of cheese), a deli/butchershop where one can walk into their freezer and check out extremely diverse types of meats, among more. This is the place to go for a party as they sell huge bottles of condiments, a box containing 80 hamburger patties for only twenty bucks, as well as a wide selection of paper plates, cups and silverware.

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